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Welcome to Berm Academy, your BMX camp on wheels, where we don't just race BMX, we live it! I'm excited and grateful that you've chosen a Berm Academy tour, and I aim to give you and/or your rider the experience of a lifetime!  Please fill out the registration form and liability release waiver, and take note of the packing list.  I am here to answer any questions, so please feel free to write or call anytime!


Good times await!



Click below and please download and fill out both the Registration and Release Forms and email them to us! 

Packing List:

What to pack on your Berm Academy tour:

Going on a Berm Academy tour is not much different from heading off for a State Race weekend or USA BMX National, but there are a few things you’ll want to remember.


  • Race gear: Uniform, helmet, gloves, protective gear

  • Half-helmet: We spend a lot of time riding the streets, doing sprints, trail riding; etc., and I always recommend wearing a helmet.  Accidents happen!

  • Long Seatpost

  • Flat pedals

  • Bike lock

  • Bike lights:  A “must-have” for riding in the dark! If you don’t use them already, you should!

  • Backpack:  Sometimes we head out on our bikes and can be gone for half a day or longer. You should always be prepared and self-sufficient with water, snacks, tubes, tools; etc, and you’ll need a way to carry all that stuff.

  • A spare inner tube (or two): While we try to be prepared and keep them on hand, it’s better to be safe, especially if you use a specialty tube (long-stem Presta-valve for deep rims, etc)

  • Specialty tools/parts: If your bike requires tools beyond basic Allen-keys, screwdrivers, and wrenches, or repair parts (small ones, obviously) that will be impossible to find, bring them!

  • Enough clothes to last one week: We try to keep trips to the laundromat at one-a-week, so be prepared…unless you don’t mind washing your underpants in a bucket! 

  • Flip-flops (aka: thongs, jandals) or slides: Occasionally, after workouts, we will utilize gym showers.  Never use public facilities barefooted!  Eeeeew!

  • House shoes/slippers:  No shoes are allowed in the rig, and the floor can get cold, especially in the morning.

  • Specialty soap/shampoo:  While we provide soap and shampoo/conditioner, if you are a fancy-pants type or have skin/hair that requires special products, please bring them.  Also, we will make plenty of WalMart stops along the way if you need to purchase anything.

  • Sunblock 

  • Beach Towel


If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.  Most concerns can be easily addressed.